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    A band of high energy hard rock musicians centered in Vacaville CA, the four members consist of Nathan Parker (guitar/vocals), Brian James (guitar/vocals), David McMillan (drums), and Brett Tumulak (bass/ back-up vocals). Together the members create a sonic masterpiece of hard rock riffs and hook oriented melodies.
    The band has created a new sound that defines them as a whole. Each member taps into their personal style to create a sonic plethora that fit's a groove within and out side of the band.
    The members have had the experience of sharing the stage with such acts as Adema. Papa Roach, and Dredg. The band has recorded two previous albums and have encountered much success. With the new style and sound they are hoping to fuel bigger and better venues and make bigger waves in the rock community.
    The band has finished recording a three song demo. They expect to finish a full length CD by 2005. This effort is what they hope will fuel their rambunctious charge into the music scene as a faster, harder and unique musical phenomenon. Keep an eye out for the new sound and the band will keep pushing forward into a new era of rock music.